Lagna Wasana Lottery Results 07-10-2019 | Draw No. 2640

Lagna Wasana Sri Lankan Lottery drawn on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. We publish the result as and when released officially. We bring to you the live results of this 07-10-2019 Lagna Wasana Lottery Results. The prize winners of Sri Lankan Lagna Wasana Lottery results 07-10-2019 (07 October 2019) has to submit with the Sri Lankan Development Lotteries Board (DLB) for encashment of price money after applicable deductions.

Everyone can check the result’s today’s Lagna Wasana Lottery Results 07-10-2019 (07 October 2019) live now. Be in sync with our website for every Sri Lankan latest lottery results. Lagna Wasana is an imaginative lottery game by the Development Lotteries Board (DLB) in Sri Lanka. DLB is a fortune making an open element that utilizations best in class innovation to pull in players to its pool of lottery games one of which is Lagna Wasana.


Draw Date 07-10-2019
Draw No. 2640

How to Play Lagna Wasana Lottery

This is an opportunity game where players pick 4 numbers and an additional zodiac image. During the draw, straightforward machines are utilized to pick the triumphant numbers.

To play in this Lagna Wasana game, you should visit a perceived and approved lottery outlet where you get your playslip and ticket. The playslip has boards on which you are to pick the 4 numbers out of 62. Each decision of 4 numbers is deciphered as a solitary play and the more the sets you pick, the higher your odds of winning. Aside from the numbers, you are to pick an image from the 12 zodiac signs. Contingent upon how fortunate you are, coordinating the 4 numbers and the zodiac sign drawn successes you the bonanza prize.

Lagna Wasana Draws

The draws for Lagna Wasana Lottery are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. As referenced over, every draw is shading coded. During the Lagna Wasana draw which is held as from 9.30 p.m., 4 numbers are drawn utilizing straightforward electronic drums that discharge the balls from a pool of 62. There is a different machine for the zodiac signs that blends and infuses a solitary ball from the 12 balls. During the Lagna Wasana draw, the outcomes are made open and the victors declared. The outcomes are typically printed, marked by the authorities and sent to newsrooms just as lottery outlets. On the off chance that by any possibility you miss the live screening, you can generally get the outcomes from the noticeboard of your closest vendor. When you build up that your ticket has won a prize, start the guaranteeing procedure quickly and consistently have your unique ticket and a distinguishing proof record which can be your ID card, identification or driving permit. Every one of the balls are unmistakably stamped and the whole procedure is circulated live on Channel-Eye. Also, there is a group of authorities from DLB, a review firm, and the administration. The open is additionally welcome to observe the procedure to guarantee believability and reasonableness. All machines are checked heretofore to stay away from inclination and additional machines are put on reserve just on the off chance that those being used get spoilt.

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